Non-Profit Organisations

Non-Profit Organisations

As a not-for-profit or charity organisation, much of your time is likely to be taken up with funding concerns – plus a growing need to demonstrate sustainability, transparency, accountability and responsible governance.

At E W Bookkeeping & accountancy, we understand these challenges, and we’ve developed specialist teams to help you meet them – whether you’re a charity, social enterprise, membership or trade organisation, or academy school.

Our services combine the skills of tax consultants, VAT advisors, business strategists, investment managers, corporate finance experts, and a compliance team.

We’re here to give you advice in all these areas, tailored to your organisation. We can help you achieve your goals and overcome obstacles, while minimising risk and complying with regulations.




A Partnership is a business owned and run by two or more people, with the partners sharing the profits according to the percentage they own. All partners are responsible for the debts and contracts of the business, and are personally liable if the business does get into financial difficulties.

Partnerships can be a great way to operate if you are looking for a simple way of going into business with one or more people. The structure can also be beneficial if there are many partners, as adding and removing partners and their share of ownership of the businesses is very straight forward to do. This is one reason business owners prefer to trade as a Partnership over a Limited Company.

E W Bookkeeping & Accountancy can help with all of the accounting and tax requirements of Partnerships for a low cost monthly fee. We can also help you set up your Partnership and ensure that you are operating in the most tax efficient way from the outset.



What is a Limited Company? In our view, it’s the most profitable path to a successful business, no matter the nature of your work. Incorporating your venture, whether you’re a contractor or freelancer, will maximise your earnings while keeping risk to a minimum.

Our Limited Company accountants are here to support you every step of the way, whether you’re new to contracting and just about to set up a limited company or you’re thinking of switching accountants. Our all-inclusive service takes the administrative burden off your shoulders whilst giving you access to specialist financial advice from a dedicated team of accountants.

We’ll double-check everything for you – IR35 compliance, expenses, and all the associated legwork of setting up a Limited Company, to name a few basic provisions. All of this is priced at one monthly fee, with no hidden costs!



Sole Traders

There are many benefits to being a sole trader. Start-up costs are low as set-up and operation is simpler – there is no red tape. You are your own boss, can make all the business decisions and retain all profits. Should you wish to wind up your business at a later stage, it is much easier to do so from a sole trader status. It’s a great way to start-up, as the business structure can be changed at a later stage as the business grows.

However, there are some aspects to bear in mind if considering becoming a sole trader. As there is no distinction between your business and your personal assets, you are liable for any debt incurred in business operations. You will also pay tax as a single person, and raising finance for business start-up or growth can be more difficult.

As your sole trader accountant, E W Bookkeeping & Accountancy can recommend the best business structure for you on an ongoing basis, offer tax return advice and take the accountancy stresses away, leaving you to get on with your day to day.

Accountants in Birmingham – E W Bookkeeping & Accountancy offer a wide range of accounting services. Our services include annual accounts preparation, bookkeeping, management accounts and preparation, tax services (tax advice, tax returns, tax planning, V.A.T. registration and V.A.T. returns).

E W Bookkeeping and Accountancy is a dynamic firm that looks after its client’s individual needs with a very personal, comprehensive and competitive accounting service.

We actively contribute to the development of new, growing and established businesses by working in close partnership with our clients, helping them to drive their business forward.

Whether your accounting records are delivered on a memory stick, in a plastic bag or even a shoe box, we can turn these into finished products required by HMRC and Companies House.

We will also take the time to analyse the information you provided, and report back to you any issues identified, interpret and explain the accounts and make suggestions as to how your business profitability and record keeping could be improved.

Vision Statement:

E W Bookkeeping & Accountancy is committed to becoming a one-stop solution for your business, partnering with other business to provide a wide range of services that you need to develop and grow your business with peace of mind.

“Your business is our business”